We are pleased to announce that from 2017 we will be supplying bait to the Lac Serreire and Badgers Holt fishery in the Limousin area of France. The fishery is owned and run by respected big fish angler Simon Mansbridge and his wife Corrina. Firstly a little information about the fishery. LAC SERREIRE. Lac Serreire is around 20 acres, it is stream fed similar to English estate lakes and is silty and has extensive beds of lily pads.

The lake is very well stocked with fish in the 40 to 60lb bracket. There are 3 fish over 70lb present, I expect this to increase dramatically over the coming years. Lac Serreire has 9 swims and is available as an exclusive booking or booking on an individual basis. On site there are modern showers, bait and food freezers, fridges, a small selection of tackle for sale, wi- fi in most swims and boats available to hire. Bait boats are allowed as well. A maximum of 6 anglers are allowed on the lake. From my limited experience on Serreire I would say it is a very English style lake except the fish are MUCH bigger!!! If you have fished silty waters then Serreire will be easy for you to tackle. I have fished the Shropshire meres and it is a very similar lake.

The carp in Serreire do respond to heavy baiting, in particular they like high quality HNV baits and the pellets that Simon sells on site. Due to the high quality of the bait used on the fishery the carp are growing fast, are big and are in immaculate condition. The first thing that struck me about the carp here was their condition. They are simply stunning carp. There are no 'hot' swims on the lake. All swims produce fish so don't worry about swim selection. The fishing in general is either open water fishing or fishing near the extensive beds of pads, there is no weed present. If you are open water fishing say from The Woods swim, the Middles or Tim and Mary's it pays to watch out for fish activity, this normally gives away small feeding spots. If you are fishing to the extensive beds of pads then fish off them a little bit. Simon recommends fishing 10% away from the pads so as an example if you are fishing to the set of pads in the Outlet swim which are around 40 yards range then fish 4 or 5 yards short and tempt them out with bait. Remember these fish are very big and powerful, if they get you in the pads you will lose them and certainly do damage to the carp.

When you arrive on the Saturday for your weeks fishing Simon will walk you around each swim and give you tips on how to fish each one. Do not think you know it all and don't need to listen. I have 40 years carp fishing experience and am still learning so listen to what Simon has to say. He knows both lakes like the back of his hand. BADGERS HOLT. Badgers Holt to me is a very special carp fishery. 2.7 acres in size it is extremely rich in natural food and full of very big carp the average weight being 48lb. I would say Badgers is suited to the more experienced carp angler due to its size and spooky nature of the carp that inhabit it. A maximum of two anglers are allowed on Badgers. If you are used to fishing small intimate lakes and are a quiet angler then you will be fine but give yourself away and you will be twiddling your thumbs all week. The fish stock as I said averages 48lb. This is increasing year on year. One angler in 2016 caught 16 fish over 40lb including a 70+ mirror, 60+ common and 5 50s. The biggest fish in the lake Jo Jo has made 79lb 12oz. There are two big commons, one has reached 66lb. The stock in Badgers Holt is truly incredible but beware it is a very, very tricky lake. Get it correct and the rewards are there.


After around 15 months of Facebook messaging, phone calls and meetings I am pleased to announce that Simon will be stocking 'Serreire Fenspice' at the fishery. It will be supplied alongside the already successful Serreire Crayfish and Squid which is a very high quality HNV bait made to Simon's specification.

Serreire Fenspice is our Fenspice freezer bait that has again been made to Simons specification. This was done to make the bait harder and to increase its nutritional value even more.

Simon is incredibly passionate about his fishery and will only feed his fish with the best food that he can find, this is what I supply so between us we have made a very special bait for the fishery. As it is introduced in the coming years I predict the fish will grow a lot bigger as it is a top of the tree HNV boilie.

Anglers who have already used Fenspice on Serreire and Badgers Holt have reported exceptional catches so the carp already like it!! The bait itself is a very high quality fishmeal/milk protein boilie with plenty of other bits added.

Altogether there are 21ingredients and liquids in the bait, all combining to produce incredible taste and nutrition. Serreire Fenspice will be supplied at the fishery in 15 and 18mm freezer baits, pop ups, wafters, hard hookbaits both glugged or cured along with a matching glug and white fluro pop ups.. For more information on the fishery visit

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